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Testimonials from Previous (and Current) Students

"Whitney is that rare yoga teacher who is the perfect combination of nurturing and challenging. I’ve been practicing hatha and bikram yoga off and on for 20 years, and it’s no exaggeration to say that Whitney is my favorite teacher. In a crowded class, she is constant calm enthusiasm; she speaks easily, fluidly, guiding and encouraging individually and the class as a whole. Her tips always lead me to a better place in my practice. In private lessons, however, is where one really gets the treasure. Her lifetime of experience wrapped up in approachable, kind, challenging guidance corrects my form, helps my stamina, deepens my breath, and generally makes me fall in love with yoga. There is no comparison. She is simply the best."-Sarah D.

"Whitney’s private instruction helped turn my Bikram yoga practice into more of a practice. I’ve always grasped this idea on an intellectual level, but something shifted in me on a cellular level while working with her. I’m more confident practicing with injuries, as Whitney showed me how to maximize the healing benefits of each posture and how to be gentle and patient with my injuries. I’m now delving deeper into and exploring form in a way that cracks open a new realm of Bikram yoga. I feel freer and I’m having more fun experiencing my body in class. Whitney made it easy to remember her instruction – I thought I’d be scribbling notes mid-posture but wasn’t – and she demystified some murky Bikram dialogue. I wish I had started private lessons with Whitney years and years and years ago. Thank you, Whitney!"

- Carolyn Q.

"When I started Hot yoga I didn't have flexibility or focus. I started taking private classes with Whitney. Her patience and dedication for teaching is incredible. Now I focus maybe 90% and my flexibility is about 80% .I almost do all poses thanks to Whitney."

-Marielena A.

"I highly recommend Whitney, she is so specific and detailed in her instructions which I find so helpful. She also has a really warm energy that helps me go deeper in my meditation. I had a few issues with my knees and she gave me detailed modifications in a few of the balancing poses that actually helped me heal the issue over time. She has this saying 'experience the experience you are experiencing,'and that always hits home with me, a great reminder to stay in the moment.This practice has been one of the biggest blessings in my mind, body and spirit have gone to a level that I'm so grateful for. "

-Roxana Z. via Yelp

"I would like to say to everybody that I first took the class to make sure I was not stressing an old ski injury. I did learn how to strengthen my old injury but what I learned was so much more than I could ever have imagined. I would like to say to all Bikram Yoga people.... that, you know when you're in class and the teacher makes comments on what to improve or correct in each pose. You spend your energy trying to figure out if the teacher is talking to you, and you know you know the poses but maybe you're off that day, or maybe the teacher is not talking to you. Well taking a private with Whitney has changed all of that for me. I do not spend my energy in class second guessing myself, I spend all my energy on my poses now. My practice is so much more enjoyable, I am strong and confident in my poses and I my practice has greatly improved. So has my posture. Thank-you Whitney for helping me understand my body in all the poses. I am getting very strong and I am taller.....seriously. I recommend a private with Whitney. It will improve your practice and your body and in my case your confidence in class. I am a Whitney Fan!!! I Loved my Private Class."

-Sue Q.

"Whitney- surely became my first favorite teacher because she is super positive, and creative with the slight jokes you can make during a Bikram class. She is ALWAYS happy, nice, and energetic which is encouraging to the beginning Bikram student. But she loves to improve the advanced too! She has incredible knowledge of the body, and you can trust her because you will see her in class many times a week, yoga-ing up with everyone else. If you are ever in a bad mood, or having a bad class, Whitney can cheer you up... "

-Alex F. via Yelp

"...My favorite teacher is Whitney: for one thing --perhaps because she's a dancer -- she's very attuned to rhythm and precision in her dialogue, but I'm a fan because she really gets how to put wind in our sails. Her unassailable cheeriness is absolutely sincere, and you always get the feeling that she cares so much, and always tries to make things sound fresh."

-Wanda D. via Yelp

"Whitney is great because she keeps the class light and not stressful at all 'It's just yoga guys!' " -Jennifer C. via Yelp

" I love how positive Whitney is and bubbly, she is an excellent and supportive instructor!" -Lacey M. via Yelp

"Taking the [aerial yoga teacher] training with you was such a wonderful experience - I learned so much about teaching but also feel this has really helped my own practice. Excited to see where the next steps of the journey take me." -Simone B.

"It [aerial yoga teacher training] was such a wonderful experience. Big thanks to Whitney for being the perfect instructor" - Jessica H.

"I haven’t had the chance to tell you how much I enjoyed Whitney’s training. Obviously I love her and think she is very talented and capable. As a business owner, I wanted to tell you that she is an awesome representative of your brand. She was very professional, warm, knowledgable and inspiring. I am so grateful that I was able to attend this training. Thank you for putting it together, as I know how much work it takes. I’m sure you rarely hear the praise you deserve. So thank you for sharing your knowledge, talent and time. I am sincerely grateful and look forward to getting people in the air. "- Tiffany F.

"Thank you so much Whitney. I had an amazing weekend with the training thank you again for being a rock star and sharing all your knowledge with us!! "-Sierra F.

"Thank you so very much for such a wonderful course. I truly had a great time, and can assure you my yoga facilitating has already improved because of it." -Marina C.

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