On-Set Yoga Teacher for Fabletics

One of the most rewarding opportunities I had recently was acting as onset yoga teacher for the Spring (April) 2018 line for Fabletics. I am so excited the pictures and line are out, so that I can finally talk about my experience onset. The wonderful model, Kate Hudson, had so much dance, yoga and pilates background, that it was fun and oh so easy to get her in and out of postures and just make sure the alignment of each asana was correct (and of course that toes were pointed, when appropriate). She is such a sweet person with so much passion about life and the company she co-founded, and we connected about our love of my former dance teacher Denise Leitner. I can only hope my onset teaching continues as it was one of my favorite jobs. A few of the banner shots that I helped with are shown below. The original photos are from the Fabletics website, under "Kate's April Picks" with photo credit to the amazing photographer Max Abadian and creative director Diego Chamorro. Go to fabletics.com for more photos, or to purchase these looks. #myfabletics #fableticsmaster


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