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Music Festival Flow

This is a great flow to do outside in the sun (maybe at a Music Festival) and enjoy the sun rays as you Flip and Flow (sunscreen and water recommended of course).

It’s also a great way to flip from the rainy months of March and April into the new-bloom of May just around the bend.

Start at the Back of your yoga mat standing in Tadasana Inhale arms up Exhale Forward Fold Inhale Half-Lift Exhale walk hands forward to Plank Inhale shift forward Exhale Chaturanga Inhale backbend (Cobra or Up-dog) Exhale Down-dog Inhale left leg up Exhale Bend left knee and open the hip Option to flip your dog aka Wild Thing (take a few breaths) Exhale Twist left knee across to right tricep Option to thread leg through to Fallen Triangle, right arm up (take a few breaths) Exhale left knee to nose, step left foot between hands Left leg Standing Splits Option to take Handstand Vinyasa (maybe from Handstand) to Downward Facing Dog Repeat on the Right leg

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